Evernote for Mac Brings Highlighting Tool and Integrated Skitch Markup

The renowned note-taking app, Evernote for Mac has been updated to the version 5.2.0. The update brings few noticeable features for both premium and free users.


The new version brings a nifty highlighting tool for text. This is quite funny and helps you to highlight key parts of your notes. You can tap the highlighter button to add a bright yellow-colored background to your text!

The update also brings an integration with the Skitch tool to make annotating and sharing notes much easier than before. Now the app shows a newly added button ‘Mark up with Skitch’ in the header of the note. Free users can only annotate pictures, whereas premium subscribers will be able to annotate the complete notes as PDFs and search within documents pinned to notes.

Evernote app

But to access the Skitch markup tool, you need to install Skitch. After you complete the installation process, you can save that to your Evernote. If you have only a single picture in your notes to annotate, you can do that individually rather than as a new PDF.

Document preview mode is also available, which allows users to view documents quickly from within the notes. Users are allowed to save those documents as a new file directly from the menu bar.

Evernote for Mac is available in the Mac App Store.

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