Infinit Releases a Fast File-transfer Desktop App for Mac

A new desktop app called Infinit has been just released on Mac in public beta. This app lets users to transfer their files with haste than other existing similar solutions like Hightail and Dropbox.


Just create a username and password to get started and enjoy several pretty good features. Among a load of remarkable features, there’s an extraordinary option that handles your sleeping device much well. When your laptop/PC goes to sleep or you shutdown the system, the file transfer doesn’t stop and instead it pauses until the internet connection is restored.

Transferring a file is very simple. Select your desired file and drag it to the menu bar, and enter your recipient’s email id. As soon as your recipient clicks ‘accept’, file transfer starts and will be saved to his/her downloads folder. Moreover, the app can also send receipts for completed file transfers, and you can view a history of what your have sent so far.

But, there are a couple of disadvantages. You need to enter your recipient’s email address completely, the app doesn’t scan your address book and auto-complete. This feature will be coming soon in the future updates. Also, your recipient has to register and run the app. If you try sending a file to someone who have not registered, they will get an invitation to register instead.

For now, the app is available for free and there are no limitations, you can send files of any size and type.

Currently, the app is only accessible by Mac users, While Linux and Windows versions will be arriving later this month.

Infinit download link for Mac (free)

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