Introducing Phlo – a Mac App to search websites quickly

Snyapse, a popular company that has created a location browser App previously has now come up with a Mac App named ‘Phlo’ , that allows Mac users to search for their favourite websites.

Phlo App is specially designed for the Mac users to save those precious seconds that has major impact on the workflow of researcher’s. This App has simplified the process of searching by allowing the users to search multiple sites at a time with few predefined keyboard shortcuts.

Phlo App

 By making few keystrokes, the App lets its users to view all the search results and users can even confine their search to display results from only few sites or they can restrict the search to few search engines.

Phlo Mac App

 Salient features of Phlo App:

  • Provides configurable global hotkey that assists users in launching the Phlo from any location-based
  • Filter the search engine results in a quick time
  • By using shift + return or shift + click, users can instantly search multiple sites
  • Automatically opens up the most used or most visited search engines or websites
  • Personalize you search by adding or removing the search engines to search from
  • Make use of the Nifty keyboard shortcuts to search quickly
  • Provides stunning interface design

Users in-order to search for any information, they need to enter the search phrase or a query and then hit ‘Tab’ button to select any website from where he’d like to look for the information.

Visit iTunes App store and get this amazing Mac App for $3.99.

Mac download link:

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