Top 20 Messenger Apps for MAC

With social networking at its peak with the technological revolution, all of us wish to be connected at all hours of the day. There are many messenger apps that allow you to do so without having to go to a browser and including a host of excellent features. Here are the Top 20 Messenger Apps for MAC

MenuTab for Facebook

MenuTab for Facebook-MAC Messenger App

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With MenuTab, you no longer have to open your browser to access Facebook. It provides real-time updates right on your desktop. You gain control over your inbox, photos, profile page, pages, notifications, news feed, events and all else. Update your status and like things too.


Twitter-MAC Messenger App

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With micro-blogging Twitter app, you can get updates, news, conversations, inspiration and global events- all in one place. There is a lot you can do to follow interesting people, watch stories, share precious moments, keep up with the ongoings of the world and develop some perspective.

Social Lite

Social Lite-MAC Messenger App

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If you happen to have accounts with various social networks and wish to manage them all well without a browser, Social Lite will help you do so. It follows status updates on Twitter, Facebook and Gmail. Also, you can keep track of notifications, friend requests and unread messages at a single glance with the Social icon on its menu bar.

Tweetbot for Twitter

Tweetbot for Twitter-MAC Messenger App

Download Paid App ($ 18.67)

This app provides you with sounds, animations, column views, meticulous interface, multiple timelines and a lot more. You can display your different timelines of different accounts alongside each other. There is a notification center and mute filter to block messages, specific keywords and hashtags. Supports Droplr, Readability, Instapaper, Cloudapp and Pocket too.

Janetter for Twitter

Janetter for Twitter-MAC Messenger App

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This is a fast, powerful and smart Twitter client app with real-time updates, multiple accounts support, multiple timelines, event notifications and lot more. You can customize your wallpaper, display format and font. Receive pop-ups for new tweets and also mute users, apps and words. Supports auto-complete, picture tweeting, keyboard shortcuts, pop-up translation and shortened URLs.

Friendly for Facebook

Friendly for Facebook-MAC Messenger App

Download Paid App ($ 4.58)

Allows you to drag and drop pictures for easy posting. An icon notifies you for birthdays and new messages. You can resize the window, zoom images, photos, profiles and so much by only mousing them. Photos can be downloaded with a single click.

Tab for Google+ Pro

Tab for Google+ Pro-MAC Messenger App

Download Paid App ($ 1.87)

Google+ got even better with this app with new features and no ads. You need not open a browser but can follow your social activity through the menu bar. Switch between the Google+ desktop layout and the mobile window with one single button. There is an integrated chat and hotkey to get quick access to this app.

Osfoora for Twitter

Osfoora for Twitter-MAC Messenger App

Download Paid App ($ 4.58)

Offers a user-friendly interface with a host of features such as muting users, marking tweets of a particular user, multiple windows for multiple accounts, attaching multiple videos or images to tweets. Supports Twitter, Instapaper, Yfrog, TwitPic, CloudApp, Imgly, TwitVid and more. Access lists and shortened URLs. Supports various font sizes, keyboard shortcuts, user blocking and reporting, searching Twitter.


Itsy-MAC Messenger App

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Itsy simplifies Twitter for your Mac with reply chains, Twitter search, Custom themes and Growl Notifications. It integrates services such as Instagram, Imgur, Yfrog and Twitpic. There are no ads at all in this tiny and small compact app.

Messenger For Facebook

Messenger For Facebook-MAC Messenger App

Download Paid App ($ 3.73)

Stay connected with friends with integrated Facebook chat without a browser through this app. All clutter is left out and the menu bar provides notifications for new messages. There is support for Emoji keyboard. Allows you to send screenshots along with a picture browser to easily upload content. Message history is stored with searching of friends allowed. Tells you when someone is online. Allows easy switching between different accounts.

Reditr – Best Reddit Client

Reditr - Best Reddit Client-MAC Messenger App

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Reditr allows navigation for Reddit clients with column interface and multiple subreddits viewing. Drafts are saved automatically along with your browsing history. Import tags, highlight and post comments, view and post links. There is user tagging, profile viewer and friend manager. Send bulk private messages and hoverzoom content with multiple accounts.

I’m Away – IM status changer

I'm Away - IM status changer-MAC Messenger App

Download Paid App ($ 0.93)

I’m Away allows you to change statuses on Instant Messengers like iChat, Messages, Skype and Adium with a single click of a hotkey chosen by you. Customize status messages for all IM clients supported by it. Integrates with Twitter and also remembers statuses and switches to Away after a gap of 5 minutes.


Wren-MAC Messenger App

Download Paid App ($ 4.58)

Wren is an easy way to tweet from your Mac device. Supports multiple accounts, pictures in Tweets and keyboard shortcuts. You can schedule tweets for later using the Buffer or save them as draft. There is the option to hide the Dock icon. You can make use of any link shortening service and switch to full-screen mode using Lion.


Beelog-MAC Messenger App

Download Paid App ($ 13.41)

Beelog is an excellent way to connect on tumblr. Compose blogs, filter messages, read blogs, reblog messages and a lot more with ease. It supports and helps you manage multiple accounts and multiple blogs. You can set a default blog for posting and track interesting blogs. Drag and drop photos to upload them. View posts in your favorite font.

Tweetings for Twitter

Tweetings for Twitter-MAC Messenger App

Download Paid App ($ 2.88)

This client for Twitter has a lot to offer. Real-time updates to you own as well as other users’ timeline, messages and mentions. Allows you a conversation view, inline image display, gap detection, and syncing of multiple timelines. Filter out tweets by screen names or keywords. Includes support for latest Twitter ReTweet, Twitpic, TweetPhoto, MobyPicture, Yfrog and more with URL shortening and Facebook posting.

mysms – Text anywhere

mysms - Text anywhere-MAC Messenger App

Download Paid App ($ 3.73)

With this app, you can receive and send message son your tablet, computer or notebook as with your smartphone. Also since thee with your smartphone while texting for free. Allows sending pictures, word documents, videos and more with ease. As it integrates with Evernote, do not fear losing your messages.


Textual-MAC Messenger App

Download Paid App ($ 4.58)

Textual is an IRC client for Mac OS X that works on simplicity. It integrates the best of IRC with scripting support so as to cater to the needs and demands of advanced as well as new users. It is a reliable and efficient IRC client.

CFC – Calls and SMS

CFC - Calls and SMS-MAC Messenger App

Download Free App

CFC allows you to send texts and make calls for free. All you have to do is register. You can also set the number of the sender. It makes the far-fetched concept of free international texts and calls true.

Jelly SMS

Jelly SMS-MAC Messenger App

Download Paid App ($ 11.03)

Jelly SMS make international calling and texting free. Has a friendly chat-style interface with message history and contact pictures. Allows disabling of autocorrect and spell detection. Has a full-screen mode and notification support centre. You can compose and send messages with simple shortcuts and also search messages. Additionally supports multiple profiles, iCloud and Address Book integration.


VKMessages-MAC Messenger App

Download Paid App ($0.99)

Chat has been made more comfortable with VKMessages. The comfortable look with message history, forwarding, sounds, attachments, message deletion and restore, smiles, group chats and notifications helps serve this purpose very well.

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