Top 20 Photo Editing Apps for Mac

All of us want to capture those precious moments so that we can relive them at a later point in life. However, there are many times when we do not find that the photo captures exactly what we want due to lighting, insufficient color contrast, background disruptions and such little things. This is when photo editing apps come to the rescue. Here is an overview of the 20 top photo editing Mac apps.


ColorStrokes-MAC Photo Editing App

Download Paid App ($ 4.58)

With this app, you get a whole new color palette that you can add to your photos to enhance them using the unique color splash tool with dramatic effects. Another great feature is that you can go for various monochrome backgrounds. The editing tools are very handy and are exactly what you need.


Snapheal-MAC Photo Editing App

Download Paid App ($ 13.41)

This app is for making professional photo edits and enhancements and can fix just any photo in a matter of seconds. There are options to delete unwanted objects, erase watermarks, tune images, fix skin spots, adjust colors and lighting and a lot more without the advanced know-how of photo editing.

Fotor Photo Editor

Fotor Photo Editor-MAC Photo Editing App

Download Free App

The flexible collage feature in this app gives it a unique edge. There are 80 templates and 16 backgrounds for you to select among. Also, you can edit photos with regard to contrast, brightness, sharpen or blur, crop, exposure, white balance and much more. You can add borders and add tilt shifts too for all image formats.

Image Tricks Lite

Image Tricks Lite-MAC Photo Editing App

Download Free App

This app uses Mac OS X Core quartz compositions and image filters to edit your photos. You can adjust colors, create photo art, tile images, distort faces, add borders and frames, zoom into photos, apply shadows, blur images and do a lot more. Also, you have image generators that generate random images based on mathematical

Photo Effects(Lite)

Photo Effects(Lite)-MAC Photo Editing App

Download Free App

Using Photo Effects (Lite), you can easily add cool effects to your photos right from your iPhone by simply choosing your effects and photo to which it is to be applied. Once these photo effects have been applied, they make for great wallpapers.

iSplash Color Photo Editor

iSplash Color Photo Editor-MAC Photo Editing App

Download Paid App ($ 0.93)

With iSplash, you can convert just any photo to grayscale, select a part of it and convert just that to its original color. This way, you can emphasize on certain parts of pictures by selectively coloring them.

Photo Glamour

Photo Glamour-MAC Photo Editing App

Download Paid App ($ 4.58)

Helps add glamorous effects to your photos of all formats with a magazine-style look. There are excellent glamour effects, vignetting and visual effects- with the option to mix these together with the Mixer. Compare with original image, copy or paste to the clipboard and alternatively share on social networks or print.

LiveQuartz Photo Edit

LiveQuartz Photo Edit-MAC Photo Editing App

Download Paid App ($ 4.24)

Based on special non-destructive layers and image filters, editing photos with this app is easy. Has tools including brush, drawing, gradient, lasso, magnifier, background eraser, layer mover, duplication, rich text, selection, hand and filter effect- all of them working flawlessly

 FX Photo Studio Pro

 FX Photo Studio Pro-MAC Photo Editing App

Download Paid App ($ 18.67)

Make your photos look extraordinary and stunning with this artistic photo-editing app. There is an extensive variety of filters, photo effects, editing tools and frames to choose from. You can control colors and integrate with iPhoto, Aperture, Photoshop and Lightroom and share o popular social networks.


Flare-MAC Photo Editing App

Download Paid App ($ 9.33)

Adding textures and effects to your photos is just effortless with this app. There are built-in presets to choose from or you or you can go for customization. There are many color effects, lens effects, creative effects, and edits to fine tune your photos. This app is easy for beginners, while also providing the tools that a professional would require.


Analog-MAC Photo Editing App

Download Paid App ($ 9.33)

With Analog, you can impart some soul to your photos with stunning borders, filters and effects. There are tools for image rotation, cropping and round-tripping. Edited images can be shared on Picasa, Flickr, Facebook, Tumblr, and Cloudapp with only two clicks.


Diptic-MAC Photo Editing App

Download Paid App ($ 0.93)

Diptic is the app for creating splendid photo collages. Put together multiple photos and apply numerous effects to them. There are 56 customizable layouts and rounded borders that work on full screen. Also has an aspect ratio slider to give you your desired canvas size. Photos can be imported from Aperture and iPhoto and shared on social networks.

Photo Effect Studio Pro

Photo Effect Studio Pro-MAC Photo Editing App

Download Paid App ($ 13.41)

This app has been developed under graphic designers and professional photographers so that you can edit images in any way you like. There are 30 textures and 20 custom frames to choose between along with vignettes and effects with layers. Share photos, save them or even print them with ease.

Great Photo Pro

Great Photo Pro-MAC Photo Editing App

Download Paid App ($ 7.64)

The photo-editing tools are superb and include DSLR Depth-of-field effect, FX effects, auto enhancement, comprehensive tools, Color splash and many more. Create collages of 3 to 9 photos with patterns, design templates and colors. Flip, rotate, crop, zoom and snapshot images with the user-friendly UI and real-time process.

BlackWhite Studio

BlackWhite Studio-MAC Photo Editing App

Download Paid App ($ 5.94)

This app has been designed for both professionals and beginners and helps create multi-tone and black and white images. With over 150 available presets, you can select your effects from the special panel. There are vignettes, borders and also finishing touches to be added. Also experiment with DuoTones, TriTones, Silver Plates and new image tones.

PhotoMagic Pro – Photo Editor & Photo Effects App

PhotoMagic Pro - Photo Editor & Photo Effects App-MAC Photo Editing App

Download Paid App ($ 9.33)

Cool effects and filters along with adjustment options for saturation, brightness, contrast, sharpness, exposure, vignette and noise. Add text to your images with many fantastic effects too. You can share, save or print your photos using this app as well.

Splash Colors FX

Splash Colors FX-MAC Photo Editing App

Download Paid App ($ 1.87)

With Splash Colors FX, you can convert images to black and white and then highlight parts of it using a brush to reveal its original colors. The blur and opacity of the brush can also be adjusted for more. For more accurate editing, you can increase or decrease brush size or zoom the photos. Compatible with Aperture and iPhoto and allows sharing on social networks.


PanoEdit-MAC Photo Editing App

Download Paid App ($ 14.99)

PanoEdit, as the name suggests, is a panorama stitching app. There is automatic multi-row, vertical and horizontal stitching and handling of animated objects. There is a projection editor exclusively for panorama straightening. Automatic crop and exposure difference compensation available too.

Photo Focus Pro Lite

Photo Focus Pro Lite-MAC Photo Editing App

Download Free App

Add depth and splendid effects to photos with this app. Customize effects so as to focus on a particular subject. There are color effects, focus effects and image effects and all edits automatically get saved. Allows sharing on popular social networks.

Photo Edit Studio

Photo Edit Studio-MAC Photo Editing App

Download Paid App ($ 2.88)

Edit photos using multiple layers and your creativity. Over 60 effects available along with edit options. The tools are quite a bit like those of Photoshop. There are layer boundaries too for graphic designing.

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