Top 20 Puzzle Game Apps for MAC

It is essential to keep your grey cells active and at peak performance. The best way to do so is to solve adventurous puzzle games on a daily basis. Also, these are an excellent solution to boredom while also helping you exercise your brain power to its fullest potential. Numerous Mac apps serve this exact purpose. Here is a list of Top 20 puzzle game apps for mac

Mahjong! Free

Mahjong! Free-MAC Puzzle Game App

Download Free App

Mahjong Solitaire, a single-player game is sue to rack your brains. You have to remove all the tiles on the board in pairs by selescting those with similar pictures to make them disappear. Those tiles that are covered cannot be removed. There are 25 pictures with shuffling, shadow, hints and clearing big tiles.

Rail Maze

Rail Maze-MAC Puzzle Game App

Download Free App

You have over 100 challenging puzzles to escape pirates, bomb obstacles, build railroads and a lot more adventure and fun. There is a global scoreboard to compare you with 4 different game modes. The super long trains, bombs, tunnels and pirate trains will keep you engaged.

Stone Flood

Stone Flood-MAC Puzzle Game App

Download Free App

This puzzle requires you to flood your board in a single color with a minimum number of moves. Each of the 150 levels has a stipulated minimum number of moves and time. There are 6 board sizes with 9 colors and lots of fun.

Bridge Constructor FREE

Bridge Constructor FREE-MAC Puzzle Game App

Download Free App 

With 30 levels of building bridges over different terrain, you are sure to acquire the art of bridge-building. Choose from a variety of materials and stick to the budget. Your bridges are tested with stress tests. Just let your imagination work here.

Epic Adventures: Cursed Onboard

Epic Adventures: Cursed Onboard-MAC Puzzle Game App

Download Free App

The mystery of Jangada awaits you, a lost ship stuck in the Amazon Jungle. You set out on its track and let your grey cells take over. There are 8 chapters with 25 spooky locations and a tragic, poignant story to set the mood.


Braid-MAC Puzzle Game App

Download Paid App ($ 9.33)

Braid offers you a variety of unique puzzles to solve as you manage your time. There are absolutely no filters so that you tap into the power of your brain. In the world of Braid, time behaves in astrange manner that you must comprehend and accustom yourself to and master/

Dark Arcana: The Carnival

Dark Arcana: The Carnival-MAC Puzzle Game App

Download Free App

In this game, you confront the evil in a carnival that comes to your town as you search for the lost child of a mother. There are two co-existing worlds to investigate- the Hall of mirrors and your world. A tragic story lies behind it all and you must prevent the next step of the Evil One.

Abyss: the Wraiths of Eden

Abyss: the Wraiths of Eden-MAC Puzzle Game App

Download Free App

You, the fiancée of underwater explorer, set out on an adventurous search for him in the sunken city of Eden, where the demons rule. There is a detailed strategy guide with three difficulty levels, 40 magnificent locations and 16 hidden objects.


Sudoku+-MAC Puzzle Game App

Download Paid App ($ 1.87)

This is the classic Sudoku game for Mac with visual guides. Choose between keyboard and mouse for easy entering of solutions and compete for high scores with friends and yourself. There is a wide range of puzzles of 5 difficulty levels on full screen. There are hints, notes and auto error-checking.

Mushroom Age Lite

Mushroom Age Lite-MAC Puzzle Game App

Download Free App

As Vera, the fiancée of a young scientist Tom sets out to search for him when he goes missing on their wedding night, little does she know that it will take her through historical ages. The future is in the hand of gigantic mushrooms. The storyline and characters ar sure to keep you hooked with the wide range of time and ages.

Fishdom (R)

Fishdom (R)-MAC Puzzle Game App

Download Free App

Build your own Fishdom by solving puzzles to win cash so that you may buy eye-candy fish and ornaments. Set the comfort levels right with the perfect conditions with the completely customizable environment. With the right accessories, create your own award-winning aquarium.


Minesweeper!-MAC Puzzle Game App

Download Paid App ($ 0.93)

This is the classy minesweeper where you have to identify mine squares by revealing the non-mine ones. The regular board settings and presets are available with saving, replaying and loading of games. There is a high score table and chording to encourage and enable faster play.

Who Is The Killer (Episode One)

Who Is The Killer (Episode One)-MAC Puzzle Game App

Download Free App

This brain teaser is based on classical English detective rules as you figure out new killers everyday with a common mystery. Stop the murders as you investigate, guess, research and solve these mysteries.

Minesweeper 101

Minesweeper 101-MAC Puzzle Game App

Download Free App

This is the classy minesweeper game with the aim of identifying all the mine squares within the least time. You can resize the window and also replay, save and load games. There are chording and color changing options. Get your name on the top of the high score table.

Around the World in 80 Days (Premium)

Around the World in 80 Days (Premium)-MAC Puzzle Game App

Download Paid App ($ 6.62)

Set out to circle the world in 80 days with Phileas Fogg and his servant Passerpout as you span the land, air and sea. Complete this to win a wager of 20000 pounds as in Jules Verne’s classic. Over 81 levels with soundtacks, colorful graphics, travelogue and lots of adventures await you.

Brickshooter Egypt (TM)

Brickshooter Egypt (TM)-MAC Puzzle Game App

Download Free App

Solve the ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs to restore the 5 historical pyramids and sphinx statue. It is original, addictive and adventurous with over 60 brain-racking levels that need you to unravel the secrets of paroahs.

Everyday Jigsaw

Everyday Jigsaw-MAC Puzzle Game App

Download Free App

This game offers you on puzzle each day to keep boredom at bay. Create jigsaws of your travel pictures and family photos or select from a wide collection of jigsaws. Get to the Calendar to obtain one puzzle every day. In 16 unique shapes and upto 1000 pieces, this game will satisfy all your puzzle needs.

4 Elements™ (Premium)

4 Elements™ (Premium)-MAC Puzzle Game App

Download Paid App ($ 6.62)

Save the ancient kingdom as the delicate balance of the four elements has been erupted by evil. Collect 16 cards and 4 ancient books to get things back to normal with a fairy aide and lot of adventures to encounter. Get engrossed in its 64 levels and brave the 20 challenging tasks.

Old Clockmaker’s Riddle

Old Clockmaker’s Riddle-MAC Puzzle Game App

Download Free App

Rescue this tiny town from a spell by breaking the Old Clockmaker’s Riddle as the clock runs backwards and decay begins. There are more than 50 levels with 3 gems to be matched in a row. With 12 upgrades, 5 magic tools, 25 houses and 2 game modes, conquer the spell.


SpellTower-MAC Puzzle Game App

Download Paid App ($ 3.73)

This word game comes with 4 brain-teasing modes where you have to tap and find words. You have to create long words and remove extra letters using bonus tiles. Click individual letters or click to begin spelling words or hold and drag across tiles. Keep the tower of tiles from touching the top.

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