Top 10 Social Apps for Nokia

If you are in the mood of using your Nokia phone to add some spice to your social networking, there is a lot to look up to as far as the availability of suitable applications is concerned. In fact, you would find yourself choosing between equals. To make your search slightly easier, we have listed some particularly special ones here.



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Facebook, developed by Mark Zuckerberg, is the most famous social application in the recent times. By using Facebook, one can find and connect with old friends, see his/her status, update friends about memorable events, share photographs and life stories with others and also the user can chat with friends and family.

Facebook SMS on Shorthand:

Facebook SMS on Shorthand

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Facebook SMS on shorthand is a very nice application for all those who want to stay connected all the time, without using the GPRS/3G!

Nimbuzz – Free IM & Chat rooms:

Nimbuzz - Free IM & Chat rooms

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Today a typical user has presence in different social networks and e-mail clients such as Skype, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Yahoo, Gtalk, Windows Live Messenger and much more. But it is cumbersome to login in each different application to check updates and chat with friends. Here is the one stop solution.



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We all use mobile phones to stay connected with other by sending and receiving messages and by calling them up. In return, we have to pay a predefined amount for using the services. But what if, we can make calls and send messages to our contacts without paying anything? Check it out!



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FastFBook is a Facebook application developed in HTML5. This application loads much faster than the native Facebook application; and also there is no data loss. FastFBook is the fastest way to Facebook. Here user can check messages, update with minimal data loss. Also the screen can be looked at both horizontal and vertical view with full QWERTY support. It is very fast and smooth, a lot more than the native Facebook client. All the Facebook enthusiasts must use this application.

Group SMS:

Group SMS

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There are times when user wants to send text messages to more than one contact. At these times, this Group SMS application is the best option. Using this application the user can send Bulk SMS right through his mobile.



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Today, we use twitter a lot. But the application comes with a cost. To use the application free of cost with the same kind of experience, user can now go for Tweetian.



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Flickr is the photo-sharing website for professionals and enthusiasts. It is a very popular photo-sharing website. But to share photos from mobile, user has to use mail clients. But using FlickrUp, now user can upload photos directly to Flickr.

Qeep – Friends. Fun. Free:

Qeep - Friends. Fun. Free

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Everyone loves to socialize and meet with new friends and people. Qeep is such a smart social application. It is easy to use, it has great interface and some great features.

eBuddy XMS:

eBuddy XMS

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Sending SMS is fun, but we cannot do much more using SMS because of its limitations. But eBuddy XMS is here to solve it. Using this free application, now user can send sms, pictures, videos and emotions. It all requires internet connection only.

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