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RBC Inc Mobile App for Android Revamped With a Completely New Design

RBC Mobile

RBC Mobile is a smartphone banking solution run by three bodies: Royal Bank of Canada, RBC Dominion Securities and Royal Bank of Canada Direct Investing Inc. With RBC Mobile for Android, you can send money to a friend, pay any bill wherever you are, deposit a check and even check your account balance without the need to sign in to your account. RBC Mobile for Android has been updated with a new design, giving it an exact layout similar to…
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Cyberpost Launches Virtual Mailbox App for Android and iOS

Cyberpost Android App

Businesses can now use Cyberpost to communicate with their target audience. Cyberpost app is available for both iOS and Android. Each user will now have a virtual box through which they will receive offers and promotions linked to their unique physical address. Let’s face it: junk mails are often annoying. Unfortunately, though, we keep receiving them from time to time, particularly from people we don’t know. Cyberpost, a company that helps businesses to connect and build relationship with their audiences,…
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IceCream App for iOS Has Been Developed to Give You More Room for Photos

Photo shooting is a moment you cannot miss, so you will probably delete a few files from your iPhone if you don’t have enough space to store new images. It might be annoying to delete files from your smartphone’s memory, but you won’t really feel the pinch if the files themselves aren’t important. However, you can still capture your images without having to delete your old files using IceCream, an iOS app that gives you room for photos on your…
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Uber Has Launched an Android App Called UberEATS

Uber Eats

Uber has been giving people rides for so many years now. In fact, the company grew massively just by giving people rides. Apparently, Uber is expanding its services, which means there is going to be more that just giving you a ride from a point of origin to a desired location. The company now wants to give your food a ride, so they created an Android app called UberEATS. Uber says it’s working with more than one hundred restaurants in…
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Apple Music for Android Now Has a Home screen Widget

Apple Music App

Apple Music is by far the most popular Android app developed by Apple Inc. The app’s catalog has more than 3 million songs that you can listen to all the time. Because everyone loves music, Apple Music for Android is, definitely, an app you don’t want to miss. What’s fascinating is that you can browse and play the best of the latest music available. What’s even more interesting is that the app has been update to give you even a…
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New Save Media Option and Text Formatting Features Added to WhatsApp Messenger for Android and iOS

WhatsApp App

WhatsApp Messenger is probably the most frequently updated app in Google Play Store and iTunes. The Telegram links update was a few months back, and the ability to send PDF files was introduced barely a month ago. In addition, the Settings Screen update was just one week ago. And if these updates have not got your attention what about the save media option and the text formatting features added in the current update? The iOS app has been tweaked to…
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You Can Now Upload High Definition Pics to Your Facebook Account through Facebook App for Android

Facebook Featured Image

It’s been quite a while since Facebook Inc. updated its Android app, but, luckily, the app gets even more descent with every single update. So far, the company has made impressive changes to the app, making it look exactly like the web version. No wonder you can now even stream HD videos on 2G connection using Facebook Lite. And what’s even more interesting is that you can now upload HD pics to your account Using Facebook App for Android. The…
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Download Sony’s Play Station Video App from Google Play Store

PlayStation Video App

Sony has been working hard lately to not only stay top in the entertainment market, but also to enable you to take entertainment with you wherever you go. If you love Sony and you own an Android smartphone, the last thing you want your apps list to miss is the PlayStation Video. This is Sony’s new app for Android developed for PS3 and PS4 owners who would like to watch TV shows and movies purchased or rented from the PlayStation…
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You Can Record and Send a 60-Second Video with Google Hangout 8.0 for iOS Smart Devices

Hangouts App

If you own an iPhone Smartphone and you have used Google Hangout on it, you must have noted that the app actually enables people to send and receive video messages. The ability to send Hangout videos has been there since version 2.0 of Google Hangout for iOS, except you could only send a video that doesn’t exceed the tenth seconds mark. This means that if you had a video message that exceeded 10 seconds, sending the video as a file…
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Microsoft Outlook App for iOS Updated with Touch ID Support and More Features

Microsoft Outlook

Finally, Microsoft decided to offer more protection to its Outlook app for iOS. The app has been updated with Touch ID support, which means the new version offers Outlook’s user base the ability to stay fully protected as far as their Outlook email accounts is concerned. The benefit of Touch ID support feature is that it enables you to protect your inbox with your own finger, and even if someone gains access to your phone and get tempted to check…
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