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You Can Now Watch Facebook Videos on Slow Connections with Facebook Lite

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Facebook Lite for Android devices is nine months old in Google Play Store. Although this app was developed to target people using 2G Networks, anyone experiencing slow internet connections can switched to Facebook Lite. Immediately after launching the app in Google Play Store, Facebook Lite garnered more than 100 million users in more than 120 countries. What’s more interesting is that its interface was stripped down so that it works well on low- end Android smartphones. Today, Facebook released a…
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WhatsApp Messenger Revamps and Reorganizes the Settings Screen

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WhatsApp Messenger’s setting section hasn’t been updated for quite too long. Until recently, the focus of the design and development team has been on the most frequently used sections of the app. The settings screen, which has always been organized the same way for years, despite the number of past updates, is no more; WhatsApp version 2.12.506 is the first update, which introduces a big change to the settings screen after so many years. The color of the icons has…
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A Voice Messaging App Called Rogers Comes to Google Play Store

Roger was developed by a group of ex-Spotify engineers. The app was first released for iPhone Operating System late last year, and now the voice-messaging app is available for and running on Android Operating System version 4.2 and above. Rogers is perhaps the simplest messaging app you’ll come across in Play Store; it allows users to send voice messages to each other. Unlike other apps, apps that already have voice messaging integrated in them, Rogers’ focus is purely on voice…
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Facebook Extended the Like Button to Improve How You Respond to a Post

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You may have been too busy lately to use Facebook on your Android and iOS smartphone, so the new update might have taken into effect without your notice. Facebook, a company that works almost 24 hours a day to improve your social networking experience, tweaked the like button (link) to improve how you respond to friends, pages and groups posts. Now you can respond to a new or old post using six reactions: Like, Love, Sad, Angry, Wow and Haha….
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Google Adds Rich Text Formatting and Instant RSVPs to Gmail App for Android


Gmail has been the best friend for many. The ability to send and receive e-mail messages from Android smartphones practically made it possible for people to communicate from anywhere. Gmail app for Android has overtime eliminated the need to use personal computers, making it possible for you to keep up to date with every email message you receive. Today, there is one special about Gmail app for Android that hasn’t been there since the first release of the app. The…
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Microsoft Releases an Android Keyboard that Gives Users Access to Contacts and Files

Hub Keyboard App

Although Microsoft Corporation purchased Swiftkey some months back, the company decided to create an Android Keyboard of its own. The name of the app is Hub Keyboard, and it isn’t like the many keyboard apps you might have downloaded from Google Play Store in the past. Hub Keyboard is unique. It gives you quick access to translation tools, personal contacts, local clipboard and all your office files. There is a small bar sitting on the top of the keyboard. This…
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PayPal Launches a Redesigned App for Android and iOS


For many of us, doing business online would be impossible if PayPal were not there. Known as the world’s leading solution for sending and receiving payments in more than 180 countries, PayPal plays the biggest role in online market in a way other similar services never can. PayPal created iOS and Android to enable its user base to send and receive payments through their mobile devices. The company revamped the two apps to improve user experience, and to make it…
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Everalbum Comes to Google Play Store with Unlimited Image Backups

Everalbum App

Everalbum popped for iOS in 2013, and for two years now, the app has attracted users from more than 80 countries worldwide. The app is now in Google Play Store with unlimited image backups. Everalbum for Android and iOS was developed to help you automatically back up your photos and videos. Because the app gives you unlimited image backup space, you can free up space on your device by deleting photos in your camera roll or photo gallery. According to…
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Use Samsung Micro Bit App for Android to Flash Code to Your System via Bluetooth

Micro Bit App

Samsung has developed a new app to help you create games on your phone and flash them to your micro:bit to get them playing without using cables or wires. Samsung’s micro:bit app for Android ahs four main areas to explore: discover, create codes, connections and flash. The Discover area of the app gives you access to loads of cool stuff to try out. Samsung has made it possible for you to find code ideas from other BBC micro:bit fans from…
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Google Play Store Has an Android App That Can Detect Earthquakes


MyShake App for Android, developed by scientists in the University of California, is meant for people living in earthquake prone areas. The Best Android App turns your Android device into a pocket-sized seismometer, and it uses the devices inbuilt sensor to detect movements caused by tremors underground. MyShake runs in the background. Also, it uses your smartphone’s in-built accelerometer to detect shaking. Now, as soon as MyShake detects consistent motion of vibrating quake, it will submit the quake data to…
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