Availability of Free AVG Antivirus for Android Review

PC carries out so many functions and it is faster than that of a human brain. It is your responsibility to secure your PC. When you use Windows operating system, a security suite is very important for your PC. To keep your PC away from malicious and viruses software, an effective security suite is needed to protect against malicious content and also provides diverse utilities for saving privacy and optimizing system performance. These consists of a file shredder, registry cleaner etc. This is somewhat different with Android smartphones. Most of the antivirus apps for tablets and android smartphones combine fundamental protection with useful stuff.

avg antivirus

Mainly this app consists of 4 components. They are Privacy, Protection, Anti-Theft and Performance. The status of protection is shown at the bottom side of the interface including a bold icon which displays unresolved issues when touched.

By default, automatically the protection module scans the apps which are newly installed and the incoming text messages and also guard the user from cautious websites. A file scanner is also present which scans the files on the memory card and regularly used folders. Here the disadvantage is there is no option for choosing all the files or a complete folder. There is an option of auto-scan also. This also consists of a virus database which is required to be updated to find new threats.

protection module

Performance module helps in improving the efficiency of the system in a simple way. For this, it presents a task killer as well as the functions that permit you to monitor the storage space, data usage and improve the life of the battery. These features are like a part of Android OS, but you have everything in a single place along with some extra options.

performance module
Privacy module helps in securing your apps with a password and also back up your installed apps to the SD card. However, there is a necessity to improve to the Pro version to unlock them. Other functions consists of Wipe Data by Category, Wipe Device and so on.

privacy module

The most key feature is Anti-Theft. After you register your email address, you can use the feature of Remote Management on www.avgmobilation.com to find your lost phone using location-based services. But the feature of Remote Management will only work if 3G or 2G is active on your device.

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