Top 50 Game Apps for Samsung 2013

There are thousands of game apps available in the Samsung app world. So which are the best game apps to download for your Samsung device? Check out our list, we have provided a list of the top best selling 50 all time games for your Samsung device.


SWAT Army app

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A group of terrorists has entered a city. Your goal is to kill your enemies with your powerful weapons and save the citizens and the city.

Angry Mouse

Angry Mouse app

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Help the cute, little hungry mouse in finding cheese to eat! Eat as much cheese as you find and gain rewards with time bonus and for completing the levels as quickly as possible.

Angry Birds Star Wars

Angry Birds Star Wars app

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Play your favorite angry birds series on your Samsung device! Destroy the space pigs and recover freedom to the galaxy.

Bubble Shooting

Bubble Shooting app

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Clear all the bubbles by matching minimum three bubbles of the same color. Earn more points for completing the level early and the number of bubbles you clear.

Motocross Racer – Free Trial

Motocross Racer – Free Trial app

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Get on your bike and race on amazing tracks with dust, mud, and other obstacles, which make the game much challenging and enjoying.

Tic Tac Toe

Tic Tac Toe app

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Play against your app and set your three characters in a column, row, or diagonal to win the game. Select skill level of your opponent and challenge yourself!

Bricknoid the Brick Breaker

Bricknoid the Brick Breaker app

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A standard arcade game, which revolves around breaking bricks using ball and the pad. This game consists of several fun and challenging levels to attract you!

World Cricket Championship Free

World Cricket Championship Free app

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Play your favorite cricket game on your Samsung device! This game comes with 3 exciting game packs to entertain the players.

Balloon Shooting

Balloon Shooting app

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Help the cute little rabbit in shooting the balloons. Each level features a different challenge. Clear all the balloons to get through each level.

Word Puzzle

Word Puzzle app

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Wonderful words guess game. This game consists of a hint system and a colorful look. Find out different words, get high scores, submit your high scores to global leaderboard and improve your vocabulary!

Shooting Darts

Shooting Darts app

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The best archery game in the Samsung app store! Set your darts in the accurate position, adjust the power and release it. Get high scores, submit your scores to the scoreboard, and compete with others across the world!

Temple Walk

Temple Walk app

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Walk and get hold of all the ghosts. Avoid colliding with temple wall or onto the trash bags present along your way. You can submit your high scores to the scoreboard and compete against others. This is a highly entertaining game.

Stick Cricket

Stick Cricket app

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Grab this game and master this game! Choose your best team and play against the best world’s ace bowlers. Experience a wonderful fast and spin bowling in this game! Score as many runs as possible against the star bowling team. This game also consists of in-app purchases.

Cave Run 3D

Cave Run 3D app

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An endless runner game, which is similar to the world’s ace runner game – Temple Run. You play as a treasure hunter who has to run endlessly cross a crumbling cave while collecting the gems. Try out this game and see how far you can run before collapsing a cliff. Overall, this is an addicting and a fun game, which consists of a simple gameplay with different achievements to achieve.

Virtual Horse Racing 3D

Virtual Horse Racing 3D app

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A mind-blowing 3D horse racing game that provides a realistic horse racing experience with fun and an exciting gameplay.

Maze Run

Maze Run app

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A tilt-based maze puzzle game. In this game, you will have a tiny ball in a tray, which consists of one or more squares. Your main goal is to roll your ball by tilting your device and collect all the squares present in the tray.  

Golf Game

Golf Game app

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Play your favorite Golf game on your Samsung! Consider the direction of wind, set the power and the direction to roll your Golf ball and reach the destination in the limited time. To pass each level, you have to make the required number of balls to reach the destination. Download the app and become the master of this game!

Sky Force Lite

Sky Force Lite app

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A wonderful shooting action game! Fight against the evil alien intruders who are approaching your planet to destroy. Kill all of them with your fighter plane before they reachbottom of your screen and save your planet from them. Collect the powers that appear while you play and enhance your fighting abilities. Avoid collecting hazardous powers, which may lose your life.

F18 Carrier Landing Lite

F18 Carrier Landing Lite app

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Control your superb F/A Hornet and land it in its perfect destination. This game consists of attractive virtual environments and mind-blowing visual effects. It consists of a replay function, which allows you to view your performances with the possibility of altering the angle switching between the cameras!

Paper Toss with Mobage

Paper Toss with Mobage app

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An addictive game, where your goal is to put the paper roll in the trash can! This is so realistic and best game to pass your boring time. This game consists of several challenging levels, wonderful graphics and sound track. You just have to slide your finger in the direction you want to toss your paper roll. Beware of the wind direction, which can alter the direction of your paper roll!

Jewels X

Jewels X app

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If you are looking for the matching-based gems or jewels style games, then this is a wonderful app for you. Your main goal is to match 2 or more jewels and clear the entire board to level up. If you remove all the jewels, you will gain gold stars and moved to the further level. This game consists of cool animations, different levels and good background sound.

Highway Racer 3D

Highway Racer 3D app

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Play the most exciting 3D racing game on your Samsung device! Control your car and race against other computer-controlled cars. Just touch on the screen to raise your speed and tilt your device to move left and right. Grab this app and race across different roads with unique cars!

Toy Shot

Toy Shot app

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It is a highly entertaining puzzle game. Your main goal is to destroy your foes and save the princess. This game consists of interesting levels, wide range of weapons to play with and attractive animated toy characters.

Traktor Digger

Traktor Digger app

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This is a tractor game, where you have to control your tractors to dig for different things. You need to cleverly manage your tractor and get your gold nugget and hand over that to a truck in a limited period.

Brain Training

Brain Training app

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A brain trainer. It helps the users in increasing their memory, and concentration with various challenging puzzles.

One touch Drawing

One touch Drawing app

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An interesting puzzle game, where you need to draw a figure that is been displayed on the screen. The twist here is you should try to draw the entire figure with a single touch. You should not draw twice on the same line. Then are you ready for the challenge?

Littlest Pet Shop

Littlest Pet Shop app

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Run your own pet shop with different kinds of pets and make friends! Make your pets happy by playing mini games, build habitats and homes and expand your pet shop. You will have several quests to complete and presentations to give, which will make your pets much happier.

Bug Village

Bug Village app

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Build a colony of bugs! Build new homes for them and divert them to the garden in order to collect resources to develop your village. Plant beautiful flowers in the garden, feed them to keep them healthy, and beautify your colony by decorating it.

Bad Piggies

Bad Piggies app

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Another hit game from the developers of the ace game Angry Birds. In this game, you need to create a rolling vehicle for the pigs and safely steer them to the eggs. This is a fun game with over 100 exciting levels to play with!

Basketball Shoot

Basketball Shoot app

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Play your favorite Basketball shooting game on your Samsung device! As the standard basketball game, your goal is to shoot your balls into the basket. Shoot as many balls as you can in a limited time to score high points. This game entertains the players of all ages and it is the best game to pass your time.

Turbo Racer (2D car racing)

Turbo Racer (2D car racing) app

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A beautiful car racing game! Control your car and race against other computer-controlled cars, avoid colliding with others and score as high as possible. Try to unlock the achievements to earn a star. Submit your high scores to the leaderboard and compete against others. Enjoy funny graphics and smooth gameplay.

Gold Digger

Gold Digger app

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Help a poor little man in getting gold and diamonds that are scattered in his valley. As a player, you need to overcome the obstacles that come in your way and get gold and diamonds. Collect as much treasure as possible in a limited time to level up. Or else you stay hungry for the whole day! With the earned treasure, you can buy some upgrades that can help you in your further levels.

Blocks Breaker

Blocks Breaker app

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A classic bricks popper game. Your goal is to clear all the bricks from the entire game board. Tap 2 or more same blocks to remove them from the board. Based on the number of bricks that are available at the end of the game, you will gain gold, silver, or bronze star. This mind challenging game entertains you for hours with several difficulty levels.

Bubbles Popper

Bubbles Popper app

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An entertaining bubble pop game. You encounter several different colorful bubbles in this game. Your goal is to select at least 2 bubbles of the same color and pop them. The more bubbles you burst in a single go, the more points you score.

Cartoon Sliding Puzzle Game

Cartoon Sliding Puzzle Game app

Download App

An interesting puzzle game. You need to move the columns and rows in the required direction and try to get the target figure. Solve the puzzles as early as possible and master the game. You can select the picture puzzles from the app or from your phone gallery and play. This game features several exciting levels to play with.

Touch Hockey: FS5

Touch Hockey: FS5 app

Download App

Play the exciting touch hockey game on your Samsung device! You can play this game against computer-controlled opponents or against your friends or your family members. This is a best game to have some fun.

Big Time Gangsta

Big Time Gangsta app

Download App

A mafia war style game. You need to build up your team, defend your foes, make your position, and buy equipment to enhance your stats in combat. You have to complete the missions, gain XP, and should purchase premium currency in order to unlock the best content. You can choose from seven insane Gangstas to form your team.

Amazing Alex

Amazing Alex app

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A new exciting physics-based puzzle game from Rovio Entertainment. This game takes place in a young Alex messy house. He consists of houseful of toys, which can get into an adventurous world. This game features different kind of puzzles, which involves cleaning up the house. You then make use of the things that are available to you to solve the puzzles, and gain bonus points.

Truth or Dare Game

Truth or Dare Game app

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Play the most popular truth or dare game with your friends or family members and rock your party! This game consists of a huge database with several questions and dares. Moreover, you can also add your own questions and dares to the database to add more fun to your game!

Sniper Rescue

Sniper Rescue app

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As a SWAT member, you need to kill a gangsters group which has occupied a town and destroyed several people who were living there. You should kill the gangsters with different weapons. The very crucial part is to choose your weapon carefully and kill the enemies. Take up the challenge and try to become the best SWAT member!

Memory Game – Pastry

Memory Game – Pastry app

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A wonderful game for kids! This is a pastry memory game, which can help the kids in improving their brainpower and memory. The gameplay is very simple, players just need to tap on the images to flip and match them. Complete the level as early as possible in order gain high scores!

Precision Driving 3D

Precision Driving 3D app

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If you love playing parking games, this is the game for you. This is a different parking game, which also includes driving segments. Your goal is to steer your car by all the square checkpoints in any order. You will gain a star for completing the level in a less time by avoiding the cones.

4 in 1 Water Sports – Free Trial

4 in 1 Water Sports – Free Trial app

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Are you waiting for the best water racing game to play? Then try this game once, you will definitely like this. This is the best water racing game! You can compete in 2 different game modes, tournament and free race. You can choose any one of the 4 water racing vehicles and start your game!

Street Cricket Lite

Street Cricket Lite app

Download App

Have the experience of playing a joyful street cricket on your device! In this game, you can play a match of 5 overs and there will be 5 players in a team. Select either batting or bowling when you win toss, and choose your bowlers from the available players. However, the batsmen are predefined.

Run Princess Run

Run Princess Run app

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Help the poor little princess to escape from a witch. Run endlessly from the witch overcoming the obstacles and get as high score as possible. This game features random worlds, intuitive controls, endless gameplay, different environments, and several upgrades to progress your game.

Star Splitter 3D

Star Splitter 3D app

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A mind-blowing space shooter game! Players need to explore the universe and discover the secrets. Enhance your ship with advanced armaments, unleash the artifacts and get bonuses in the space battles.

Ultimate Solitaire

Ultimate Solitaire app

Download App

This is a collection of 4 interesting solitaire card games. Grab this app, play your favorite card games, and kill your boring time.  

Mouse and Cat

Mouse and Cat app

Download App

A fun action game of cats and mouse! Players have to help the poor little mouse to cross the river and grab the cheese. Pieces of logs will be flowing in the river on which you have to jump and cross the river. Avoid cat and try to not fall into the water.

Shoot Angry Birds

Shoot Angry Birds app

Download App

A funny shooting game where you need to shoot and kill the angry birds those enter into your homeland to destroy. Play in 2 game modes and enjoy the game!

Fruit Shooting

Fruit Shooting app

Download App

Fruit shooting is an archery game. Aim and shoot the fruit that is present on your pal’s head, or else you lose your pal! The game consists of amazing graphics and provides you a feeling of real archery.

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