Facewatch has launched a new App to report personal thefts

Facewatch has now launched an personal theft reporting App to overcome the increase in mobile thefts across the world. The company Facewatch was founded in the year 20102 and it is police approved system that creates a report regarding low level crimes and submits it to the police online.

Facewatch Main

The App admits the public to report about thefts of their valuable items to police authorities through their mobile phones. The App will generate an instant insurance crime reference id and pries the users with an option to block all their payments cards for free with a single call. The App will allow the user to report about the crime either through their friend’s mobile or any 3rd party mobile.

Facewatch App

This new App will enable pre registration for the users and they can even upload photographs and give brief information about the theft incident to help out the police and increase the chances of getting a positive outcome.

The main feature associated with new App is to geo-tag the information so that the report is sent to appropriate police force with in the proximity where the incident has occurred.

The App can be downloaded on any smart-phone, tablet or head phones as the level of threats and potential thefts continue to raise in the future.


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