Firefox beta-release for Android with advanced features

Mozilla, a leading non-profit organization has launched 18th version of Firefox beta for both desktop and android. Several bugs in the overview beta version have been fixed and there are few known issues that may fixed in next few releases.

This time Firefox has upgraded beta version of android by including features for better protection from phishing attacks and opt -in search suggestions. In desktop browsers, Mozilla has made few improvements to the exiting version of browser that includes Ionmonkey, a new JIT JavaScript complier that enables the browser to block website comprising malicious link.

Firefox beta-release for Android

The important feature for desktop version of Firefox is improved support for W3C touch event and web pages that run on JavaScript are reloaded in quick time when compare with previous version.

New Features of Firefox beta for android:

  • Supportive for ARMv6 phones with a hardware configuration of 800MHZ processor and 512 MB RAM.
  • Supports hardware and software decoder of h.264 video
  • Supports all web apps
  • Jelly Bean supports to navigate by touch-
  • IO improvements for safe browsing
  • New Iterated JavaScript maps and sets
  • SVF fill paint and stroke paint
  • Sandbox attributes to implement iframes

With little changes in the features( except retina support for mac suers), install Firefox 18 bet version for better browsing on both desktop and android supportive smart phones.

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