Google closed its free shopping service in China

Google after closing its search market for china in the year 2010, it has stared closing down its other related products and in the month of September, Google has shut down its free music service as it failed to face the competition of local music service, Baidu.

The company has added another product to its closing tally and stated that from December 12, 2012 the shopping services of Google will not be offered to the Chinese online shoppers. The company has added to its blog that shopping in china dint meet our expectations, so we are planning to focus more on products that are useful for Chinese users.

Google China

The presence of Google in china has steadily declined from the year 2010, after it has conflicts with the Chinese government about online censorship and few month later, china government has blocked all Google services such as Google maps and Gmail etc.

However the actual intent of Google was to establish a strong relationship between consumers an retailers. To stay up with the aim, Google announced that it will add more resource to its adverting services and aid Chinese suppliers in connecting with international customers through its Global market Finder tool.

Outside of china, Google is planning to close down several other services and use the resources to lift up popular products.

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