Google Drive Receives an Update with Spell Check Mode and Customizable Lists

Google has just launched an update to Google Drive. The update brings a new spell check mode and customizable lists.


The newly added spell check feature resembles the real-time, traditional spell check feature (for instance, Word). With this, you will be able to check the spelling of the complete document at once.

To access the spell check feature, just click on the ‘tools’ and then select ‘spelling.’ A window will pop up on your screen and you can ignore or alter all the inappropriate typos in your document.

Coming to the new customizable bulleted and numbered lists, you can now alter the style, color and size of individual bullets, or tailor-make your own. The most effective feature here is the ability to alter individual bullets, this is favorable for those who want to mark certain things as done.

These 2 are not cutting-edge features, but they definitely can’t hurt if you are a devoted Google Drive user.

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