Google Introduces Copy-paste Toggle for Its Apps in Chrome

Google has publicized that it has made vivid enhancements to the process of copying and pasting the content between the Gmail and Google Sheets, Slides and Docs. But this is only available for those who use Chrome.

Google Chrome

Chrome users can now copy their desired slides from one PowerPoint presentation to another, get different shapes from drawings into a slide, and can also take their preferred tables from a spreadsheet and paste them within a Gmail message.

As earlier, you can copy and paste using keyboard shortcuts or using the right-click options. Furthermore, Slides, Google Docs and Sheets allows you to copy and paste pictures and the content between all your documents, presentations and spreadsheets (even for the varied file types). You can also take a picture using your desktop version on your PC and paste it directly into your presentation, document or spreadsheet.

If you use a different browser, Google provides a special web clipboard to copy and paste the content or pictures. But it is a bit lengthy process, you take 8 steps to complete your task.

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