Google Redesigns Zagat for Web and Android, Debuts iOS Version

Google has just rolled out a new app called Zagat for iOS users. This app helps users to easily find restaurants, cafes, clubs and bars across the world.

Zagat Zagat app

The similar app, Google+ Local for iOS enabled users to browse places by location, and also like businesses, rate places, view reviews and share what they found. But users will not be able to access this app from August 7th as it will be eliminated from the mix. So, the company has launched Zagat app as a substitute to the Google+ Local.

After the acquisition of Zagat by Google, the Zagat site has became free to access, you no longer need any registration or payment to use. Additionally, Zagat for Android has been available for long time in the Play Store.

iOS version is provides the features similar to Android counterpart. You can view expert-picked locations to visit, reliable ratings as well as reviews, advanced search tools, how-to video clips, restaurant menus and many more. You are also allowed to use OpenTable in order to make reservations.

Zagat app for ios and android Zagat for ios and android

App features:

  • Expert-picked locations to go.
  • Trustworthy ratings and reviews.
  • Consistent stream of entertaining videos and articles delivered all over the day.
  • Excellent search tools to help you in discovering what you want exactly.
  • View menus before you plan to go.
  • Make reservations via OpenTable.

The company says that the app serves as your guide to discover top and notable cafes, restaurants, clubs and bars. The company also adds that initially they are providing support for 9 cities, and they will expand to more cities in short.

In addition to the release of iOS version, the company has also improved its web and Android versions with new look.

iOS users can download the app from the Apple App Store for free and Android users can download the improved version from Google Play Store. While the free web version can be accessed from here.

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