Google Releases Chrome 29 Beta on Android and Other Platforms

A week ago, Google had revealed the stable version of the Chrome 28. Now, the company has introduced Chrome 29 in the beta format. This is available on multiple platforms like Android, Windows, Linux and Mac.

Chrome 29

The company says that the desktop version has got enhanced omnibox suggestions functionality. Now, depending upon the novelty of the websites visited, you will receive more relevant suggestions.

In this release, most of the changes were introduced to the Android version, which includes support for Web Real-Time Communication (WebRTC) and Web Audio.

Chrome 29 beta

WebRTC allows users to have real-time voice and video conversations from within the browser. While the Web Audio feature is a “high-end JavaScript API”, which bridges the lap between the audio engines, blending and creation tools available in the audio production apps.

Web Audio API incorporates high quality audio required for generating voice overs for games and entertainment audio productions. This is a great tool for web developers who are into audio apps production.

While the WebRTC is packed with 3 components; DataChannels, getUserMedia, and PeerConnection. All these 3 elements present in the desktop version 25 beta are now available in today’s Android release.

Chrome 29 beta browser

Here’s the complete changelog of the Android version:

  • Supports WebRTC that allows you to have real-time communications.
  • Snappier page loads.
  • Enhanced performance and stability in under the hood option.

Here’s the Chrome 29.0.1547.22 beta changelog:

  • Enhanced Omnibox suggestions.
  • New extension/apps APIs.
  • Enhanced performance and stability in under the hood option.
  • The resolution media query lets users to customize their CSS to a particular pixel density.
  • VP9 codec support for WebM video playback.

Chrome 29 for Android

Chrome 29 for other platforms

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