Google Releases Cloud Printer and Cloud Print Service for Windows Users

Google has advanced its Cloud Print tools to the Windows platform. The company has introduced both Cloud Print Service and a Cloud Printer for users.

Cloud printer

The Cloud Print connects the Print-friendly apps to any printer. It collaborates with the mobile apps of Gmail and Google Docs, and also mentioned as a printer option in the Chrome’s Print Preview page.

The company says that the recent release goes further for Windows users. Now the Google Printer helps users to print their content to any of the cloud printers from the Windows applications, similar to the Adobe Reader. Chrome is no more required for that.

Whereas the Google Print Service works as the Windows service, so users can install it and can easily connect available printers to Cloud Print in their work places, like schools and businesses.

sharing settings

The company has also releases another significant change to the Cloud Print. Now, you will be able to share a printer with other by simply publishing the particular link. Here you find the interface is much similar to the Google Docs sharing.

The company says that they will continue to make printing much easier from as many devices as they can.

Recently, the company has released a standalone Android app for Cloud Print, which allows users to connect their Android device to any printer and take the print of their desired stuff. The app also provides the facility to print documents or images from other apps, and track the progress of print jobs.

Install Google Cloud Print Service from here

Install Cloud Printer from here

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