Lincoln’s City Website Launches a new web mapping application

┬áThe Lincoln’s city websites has now launch an interactive web mapping application that aids the users to identify the boundaries and relevant contact information of their neighborhoods, homeowners and other association.

This App now makes the entire information available for different city departments, agencies, prospective developers to contact the nearest neighborhood and discuss about the future projects and programs.

The neighbourhood association and homeowner association is a joint project developed by the country planning department and urban development department of the city.

City's Web Mapping Application

The neighbourhood association is a group that involves neighbours who work together by sharing ideas to improve the relationship among neighbours. The urban development department of the city will register and maintain the database and contact information of all neighbourhood associations.

This new App will even join other families and provide then information on zoning, development plans, tax assessments, natural resource and historic resource of the city and country.

The Application has been reformatted to make it look more readable and better organized along with added text that give complete information about the programs and activities of the planning department and urban development departments.

A separate calendar is displayed on the home page of the web application that shows all upcoming board meetings and lists out important programs and events for that specific month.

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