Mozilla Releases Firefox OS Simulator 4.0

Mozilla has launched a latest version of Firefox OS Simulator Add-on. Specifically, this Add-on is beneficial for the developers who want to be prosperous in the Firefox marketplace.

Simulator 4.0

This Simulator installs in the form of an extension in Firefox and is accessible through Mozilla’s browser. Once you install the Add-on, you will find it under Tools section – Web Developer menu.

The new version supports testing receipts for premium applications. You will now find a popdown menu in every app’s control panel where you can choose a type of receipt. Then the extension will download a test receipt from a marketplace receipt service and again install the application using it. This allows developers test receipt verification using different types of receipts they want, like refunded, valid and invalid.

Simulator 4.0 addon

You will also find a new Connect button that opens up a developer toolbox related to the specific application. This means, there is no need to search through messages in the Console or refine through scripts in the Debugger to get the info related to your application.

The new version also brings an upgraded User Interface simulated touch events. Now, working with the simulator utilizing a mouse will feature real touch events.

Simulator 4.0 add-on

Furthermore, Remote CSS styling has been included. If the user connect to an application when simultaneously using Firefox Aurora build or Nightly, the Style editor tool allows to edit their style sheets and apply modifications instantly.

Now, when you are using the keyboard shortcut key Ctrl-R in order to refresh the application, If you press and hold Shift key, the simulator will eliminate the persistent data like IndexedDB, AppCache, etc.

Download and install the Simulator from here.

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