Per-Window Private Browsing Is Now Available on Firefox OS Simulator 1.0

Mozilla has been busy from last few weeks by releasing a Firefox OS simulator mobile browser and finally the formal version 1.0 was officially launched. The non profit organization has launched the Mobile operating system along with a simulator to aid the developers and people to collaborate with HTML5 powered operating system.


Now users can download the Firefox OS simulator 1.0 and this latest version has several bugs fixed and its more supportive to the Linux distributions.

In addition to these features, Mozilla has updated its operating system with per-window private browsing and for time being, this feature is present only in the developer’s version. In coming few weeks, you can install the simulator 1.0 OS on your mobile phones.

The per-window private browsing is a scratch design made based on the Firefox’s private browsing mode. This feature allows the Firefox users to open a private window without closing the current working windows or existing windows.


Now users can even right click on any particular link and choose to open the web page or link in a private browser window from the pop down menu that appears on the screen. Because its a complete reconstruction of existing private browsing and due to few stability issues, it takes some time to release it publicly.

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