Tomfoolery’s Anchor Hits Android Platform

Tomfoolery, a startup that aims to develop consumer-quality, mobile-first enterprise apps, has released its Anchor app on the Android platform.


Anchor was first launched in the month of July and was publicized as ‘powerful social network for the workplace’. Employees can easily interact with each other, share images/videos, and submit links as they do on Facebook, but it’s only limited to team members.

Besides the launch of Android version, Anchor for Web and iOS got a major update. Here are the new interesting features that users can expect in Anchor:

  • You can smoothly build your teams with Company Directory. All of your company members who use Anchor are already there, and you can access their phone numbers, email and start Anchor chat easily.
  • Supports sharing content through Box and Dropbox.
  • The app simplifies the way you navigate between teams, chat, projects, files and so on.

Anchor app

The Android version also integrates with Evernote, similar to the iOS and web-based versions.

Android users can download the Anchor from Google Play Store for free. The app works with devices that run on Android version 4.0 or above.

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