Top 10 Entertainment Extensions/Apps for Opera 2013

Every user is familiar with how the Opera web browser is committed with the innovation of fancy and new add-ons, which are also known as plugins or extensions. This article will be stressing on the top 10 entertainment extensions for Opera. Here is the list. Downloader Downloader add-on

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The best add-on for downloading videos and audios from This particular extension adds download buttons and links for audio and videos respectively, and uses the command “save linked content as” from the context menu. By tapping on the duration, you can get almost accurate bit rate for audio files and the file size.

YouTube AdsFree

YouTube AdsFree add-on

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This add-on which was developed to be a small tool eliminates annoying ads that pop up over YouTube videos. Optionally, it can delete the branded banner below the video.

YouTube Downloader

YouTube Downloader add-on

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Are you looking for the best extension for downloading the videos from YouTube smoothly and quickly? Then here is the best extension for you. This add-on allows the users to easily download any video from the YouTube. Just click on the download button that is present below the video, a pop-up menu appears, and then select the quality you want. That is it!

Download YouTube Videos as MP4

Download YouTube Videos as MP4 add-on

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This add-on includes links to download YouTube videos in the form of flash video and MP4 formats. It directly downloads videos from YouTube and integrates with the YouTube’s interface.

Turn Off the Lights

Turn Off the Lights add-on

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Just tap on the lamp button, the page will fade and automatic focus to the video. If you again tap on the lamp button, your page will be normal!


ExtendTube add-on

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This add-on enhances the YouTube player efficiency. It adds some buttons on the page, which will let you to download video, step a frame forward, and loop the preferred part or the entire video, download just audio, alter page colors, hide ads on the page and many more. It also allows you to control the video through add-on pop-up or keyboard shortcuts.

YouTube Autoplay Killer

YouTube Autoplay Killer add-on

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Serves as an autoplay killer. It adds the possibility to terminate autoplay action of the YouTube videos. The pre-buffering function can be controlled exclusively. You can configure this one to terminate the autoplay only on the background tabs, but can remove tabs with playlists. Therefore, you can surf interference-free in your main tab!

Meme Smileys

Meme Smileys add-on

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This add-on is just like a toy, which turns the text smileys in the social networks to colorful graphical smileys picked from the most popular memes.

Focus on Videos

Focus on Videos add-on

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It automatically conceal the background content on video start and shows the content on video end, and adds buttons under the YouTube video to use that manually and/or alter options.

Easy YouTube Video Downloader for Opera

Easy YouTube Video Downloader for Opera add-on

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With MP3 download the most popular YouTube videos in a smooth and fastest way with this add-on. It provides video download links in MP3, flash video, MP4, 3GP, and full HD quality videos.

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