Top 10 Productivity Add-ons/Apps for Opera 2013

Your current browser can do a lot more than you think. Most web browsers come with several loaded features, but there are still many downloadable add-ons, which can turn your browser much more effective tool. Here is a list of the top 10 productivity add-ons for Opera browser. Install these add-ons and transform your web browser into multi-tasking workhorse.


AdBlock add-on

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The most well-known extension for Safari and Chrome has stepped into Opera world now. This add-on blocks all the ads on all the web pages, including your YouTube, Hulu, and Facebook.

Gmail on Speed Dial

Gmail on Speed Dial add-on

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This particular extension serves as your Gmail notifier. When you sign into your Gmail account, it displays a preview of your unread mails; it displays a Gmail icon in color if you have no unread mails. For any reason, if you are unable to sign in to your account or logged out, it displays a Gmail icon in the black and white color. When you click on the speed dial, it takes you directly to the or your inbox, if you are already logged in.

In-place translator

In-place translator add-on

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Plenty of translators are available in the add-ons catalog. However, those translators need so many interactions with the user. However, this particular translator translates the selected text right next to it without too many interactions. Just select your desired text, tap on the icon that appears on the balloon nearby and your text is translated! This add-on also has hotkey and language auto-detection.

Download Helper

Download Helper add-on

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This add-on helps the users in varied ways to download the files from the most well-known file hosting.


XTranslate add-on

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A translation add-on in which you just have to select the text on the page and then press hotkey. Immediately your selected text will be translated and displayed. This is already available for Google, Bing, and Bandex.

To-Read sites

To-Read sites add-on

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Grab this add-on and add a site you want to visit later. If you are on a web page you want to visit later, just click on the button of To-Read sites and click on add. That is it. You can also lock a site by just tapping on the lock button.


AutoComplete add-on

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Offers Autocomplete for the text feed box. The data which is been entered before can be shared with any site. It also features words suggested by search engines.

Opera Internal Pages

Opera Internal Pages add-on

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A unique extension, which displays a drop-down menu with several options in every internal page of the browser.

Reading List

Reading List add-on

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Provides the possibility to maintain a reading list with the help of the Pocket API. After you install this add-on, you can sign up for your Pocket account. When you sign in, the 2 icons, ‘Mark as Read’ and ‘Read Later’ appears on every page you load. Using these icons, you can mark the page as read or add it to your reading list. With this add-on button, you can access your reading list; you can filter and organize the items, edit, mark them as read, or read.


LastPass add-on

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A beautiful add-on, which acts as a form filler and a password manager. It is also available for other browsers such as Chrome, Safari, etc.


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