Top Educational Apps for Chrome

Chrome is getting better, popular and the number of applications in Chrome is also growing day by day. It is very hard to find the best applications in each and every category in Chrome. Here we are listing the top 10 educational applications for Chrome.

Ancient History Encyclopedia:

Ancient History Encyclopedia

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Ancient History Encyclopedia is a non-profit community website. It provides ancient history and information to the students. The main objective is to provide most accurate ancient history and information to the users to help them in their studies or for reference purpose.

Biodigital Human:

Biodigital Human

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Biodigital Human is a great application where users can see the entire human anatomy in 3D. With the help of this application, users can also understand different diseases, how they affect different cells of the body and their effects in 3D. It also describes the detailed medical terms for even the smallest part of the human body.

Web Lab:

Web Lab

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Web Lab is a Chrome experiment of 5 different programs straight from London Science Museum. The first experiment is Universal Orchestra where people across the globe are making live music. In the second experiment, through Teleporter how Web can teleport the user to a different place is experimented. In the third experiment, a Sketchbot will draw the user’s portrait. In the fourth experiment, how data travels through the globe is traced using Data Tracer. And in the final experiment using the Lab Tag Explorer, how online presence can be easily accessible through web is shown.

English vocabulary:

English vocabulary

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English Vocabulary is another fun application through which users can improve their vocabulary. User can practice using images and audio. User also can learn new words and go for a challenge as well. As every word is associated with a proper picture, it is very easy to memorize all the words and at the same time, it will help to understand the meaning of new and difficult words.

Daum Equation Editor

Daum Equation Editor

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While working on any word editor, it is quite difficult to add equations with proper notations and symbols. But this equation editor will help the students to input the proper symbol and notation while editing a mathematical equation.



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Using this smart application, user can learn about the solar system and over 1500 stars in it. When user will point to a star, the application will give some great details such as the name of the star or a plant, the brightness and the distance in light years. User can also see the stars from different locations using this application.



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Kido’z TV will turn the browser to a TV which is perfectly secure for children. This TV will show fun and edutainment programs for children. The videos are sorted in different categories such as movies, fun stuff, cartoon, fun & entertainment, how to do, science channel, Sesame Street, stories, kids song, animal learning channel and baby channel.

Typing Test – Key Hero:

Typing Test – Key Hero

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Internet and the computer can be used like never before. But very few of us have good typing speed. To increase the typing test, Typing Test application will help the users. Using this application, user can check his typing speed in words per minute. Later, with various different exercises and  practices sessions, user can improve his typing speed.

3D Solar System Web:

3D Solar System Web

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3D Solar System is developed in HTML5 and WebGL. Using this application user can view the solar system and important information, such as name of the solar system, galaxy and much more in beautiful 3D. The animations are smooth and crisp and the interface is vivid with colors and brightness. User also can see the solar system from different time period as well.

Learn French – Très Bien:

Learn French - Très Bien

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The Learn French- Très Bien is a perfect application to learn French language using various fun game methods. It has four different game versions to learn French. It also has dynamic quizzing algorithm to make the learning method more fun.



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Typing Club is a free game /educational program to teach effective and accurate typing to users. This program will also help the user to improve his typing speed. Using this program, user can understand the function of each finger while typing using a keyboard.



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Thesaurus application will help the user with the synonyms and antonyms of an English word. This will also help the user with the usage of the words and their synonyms and antonyms.

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