Twitter releasing its own photo filters

With a stiff competition among the social media giants, Facebook and Twitter. Facebook which has acquired Instagram, a photo sharing site has announced that Instagram will no longer display photos associated to twitter profiles.

Before the news was released by Facebook, there were rumours spreading out as twitter planning to create its own filters. According to twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, the new tool with top photo filters will be available to all its user by the end of year.


It is reported that twitter employees are busy in developing new filters by adding advanced functions. Usually the photos that are posted on the twitter will make use of wide variety of filers and the CEO has posted few black and white photos that has grabbed the attraction of millions of twitter users.

The photos created by latest photo editing filters are in square shape, similar to Instagram. But the photos developed by twitter employees are of high resolution when compared to Instagram photos.

According to few familiar sources, twitter is now pushing to release filters that will be used in the official twitter application. The Instagram photos present in the twitter will direct you to the Instagram official website even before you view the photo.

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