Wacom releases Bamboo Paper note taking app on Android and Windows

Bamboo Paper is the name given to the latest application that has been launched by a company called Wacom.  Wacom is digitizer hardware and drawing tablet Maker Company. This app is already available for iPad users but has now been launched for Android devices owners and Windows 8 users.

Bamboo Paper App

Bamboo Paper is basically a note taking application which has been optimized for doodles and handwritten notes.  This app works with Wacom’s Bamboo Line of tablet Styli as well as the Intros Creative Stylus. Apart from these products, this app also works well with other general purpose devices that have been made by companies other than Wacom.

Besides Android and Windows phone or tab owners, this app from Wacom will also be available from now to Kindle Fire tablet owners as well.  This new Bamboo Paper app version from the company allows the users to not only edit but also share their notes or work across many different platforms and products.  This is a great app for those who like to scribble things or draw things on a general basis such as engineers, artists, writers and others. To download it, you will need to go to your device’s app store and type its name in the search box.

Bamboo Paper Download for iOS App (free)

Bamboo Paper Download for Android App (free)

Bamboo Paper Download for Windows App (free)

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