Calorie Manager for Windows Phone 8 Helps You Manage Your Nutritional Intake

A new app called Calorie Manager has recently been dropped on the Windows Phone 8 platform. It’s a friendly-user and straightforward app that helps users to manage their calorie intake, set daily targets and check out the nutritional facts about what they eat. The service also collaborates with Fitbit, which lets users to transfer their nutritional intake to their Fitbit account.

Calorie Manager

The app’s layout includes a main page that features complete food options, a separate goals page where users will be able to set their daily calorie goals and finally a today page that features a list of what you have drank/consumed for the day.

Moreover, along the bottom of all the main pages of the app, you will encounter 4 control buttons that will enable users to send their calorie data in Excel sheet format through email, report an error/bug to the developer, rate the app and access the app’s Settings menu.

Here’s the complete list of app’s features:

  • Allows you search vast food databases of generic foods, packaged foods, and restaurant foods.
  • Ability to sync consumed foods to your fitbit account automatically.
  • Support for scanning barcodes for a simple and quick searching.
  • Ability to add custom food if you are unable find that in search.
  • You can foods to a meal in order to calculate the complete nutritional value of the meal.
  • You can add your desired foods to your favorites list for a quick reference in the future.
  • Ability to send all of your consumed food data in the Excel file format.
  • You can see/track Net Carbs.

Calorie Manager app

In addition, the app also allows you to:

  • Set goals and seamlessly track your progress.
  • Track 90, 30, 14, and 7 day averages.
  • Track 180, 90, 30, 14, and 7 day consumption history with a nifty graph.
  • Manage your complete consumption history easily. If you accidentally eat a food that you didn’t mean to, tap and hold the consumed entry to get the delete menu.

Windows Phone 8 users can download this new Calorie Manager app directly from the link provided below. Users can grab the app for no charge.

Calorie Manager download link for Windows Phone 8 (free)

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