Dropbox Receives an Update with Automatic Screenshot Upload

The most renowned cloud-storage and sync service, Dropbox, has launched a remarkable update for its Windows and Mac desktop versions.


Windows/Mac Dropbox version will now automatically save the screenshots you capture to your Dropbox account. Moreover, it will create a link for each screenshot and copy them to your clipboard.

This means that your images are instantly available for sharing on the web. This feature is highly beneficial for those who often capture screenshots and want to avoid the process of pasting, saving and uploading.

After you install the latest version of the Mac/Windows Dropbox, and capture a screenshot, you will receive a prompt to turn on the automatic screenshot upload functionality. Once you turn on this feature, the Dropbox automatically uploads all the pictures to your Dropbox folder under a separate ‘Screenshots’ section. In addition, you can also disable this feature if you want to edit or crop the screenshot before uploading.

Dropbox app

Furthermore, exclusively Mac version has got a new importer functionality, which copies user’s images from iPhoto to the Dropbox. This is really a great way to backup your photos and share them easily.

Grab the latest version of Dropbox for Windows from here.

Grab the latest version of Dropbox for Mac from here.

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