Evernote is Released for Windows Phone 8 Devices

Evernote’s free note-taking app for Windows Phone has got a significant update. The latest version adds support for Windows Phone 8 devices along with other remarkable enhancements.


The update brings a multi-shot camera feature, allowing you to capture multiple photos per note without having to exit the camera mode. This is useful for those who wish to fill their notes with several photos.

The update also includes slideshows; just hit on a photo while looking at a note, and the photo will pop out and allows you to swipe to view further images.

Evernote app

Furthermore, a new speech-to-text feature has also been added to the app. Just open up a note, then click on the speech bubble icon, start off talking, and then the app will transcribe your words into text.

An auto note-titling is also been introduced, which provides a smart title based on your note content, location and events.

The new version of Evernote is available in the Windows Phone Store for free.

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