Flow Free – an addictive and logical puzzle game for windows phone

Try Playing out flow free game on the desktops and phone that runs on windows 8 operating system. The Big Duck games, a leading games developer has created a new version of flow free game that is compatible with windows 8.

The maim aim of the game is to connect two ends of same colour without crossing or overlapping the other colours. Join all the colours and cover the entire board to resolve the puzzle.

There are hundreds of levels involved in the game or you can even race against a specific amount of time by switching to time trial mode.

Free Flow Grid

The game is played in two modes which includes free play mode and time trial mode.

Free play:

This mode involves a series of levels and the player must establish connection between all dots on the board in order to reach next level.


Free Play Mode

Time trail:

In this time trial mode, players take up the challenge to reach possible number of levels within the time constraint. Players are given freedom to choose the time limit and select the board size to make it more complex.

Time Trial Mode

Features of Flow free game:

  • Easy to start
  • puzzle game with more than 600 levels
  • Two different playing modes
  • Fun sound effects
  • Great vector and animated graphics

Though playing flow free is bit easy, but still its an logical and stylish puzzle game.

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