GeoPhoto for Windows Phone Lets You Edit and Add Geotags to Your Photos

A new app called GeoPhoto has joined the Windows phone app store! This app uses Nokia’s HERE Mapping service and presents a map with your photos pinned to their individual locations in order to show where you have been.

GeoPhoto GeoPhoto app GeoPhoto for windows phone

The app allows you to view, edit and add location info associated with your photos. According to the app’s developer, It’s the very first app that can do that on the Windows phone store.

When you first use your device’s camera, you will be asked whether you wish to add location info in photos you capture. It’s actually a setting which you can alter in the photo+camera module in the device’s settings page.

If you choose the option to include location info in your photos, the app will automatically include the current location in your photos. The location is scored from a combination of your device’s GPS system and WiFi positioning or cell ID. The location info can be accessed and edited by GeoPhoto, something that your device’s inbuilt photos+videos hub does not enable.

GeoPhoto app for windows phone GeoPhoto windows phone app

When you open up the app, it scans all your geotagged photos and displays them on a map with locations pinned. Photos that are captured in the same location will be grouped together. Photos will be separated into smaller groups, or individual photos as you zoom in on a particular location.

If you tap on a group of photos or on an individual photo, it displays a larger version of the photo along with various options like view previous/next photo, grid view, and full-screen photos. It’s a great way to quickly view your geotagged photos, even if you have a ton of photos stored on your device.

When you tap on a larger version of photo, it causes it to flip and display options like ‘add/edit geotag’ and ‘show photo info’.

Download this amazing GeoPhoto app from Windows Phone Store for free. This app is only available for Windows Phone 8 devices.

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