Google Releases Chrome 29 On Android and Desktop

Google has just revealed a new version of its Chrome browser for Android, which includes the support for Web Audio and WebRTC among other enhancements.

Chrome 29

Web Audio is a top-notch JavaScript API for processing and blending audio. Especially, the API lets Web developers to work on ‘efficient quality’ audio generation apps as well as latest game audio engines.

Whereas the WebRTC supports real-time conversation within the browser without a need to instal any additional plugins. It features 3 elements: PeerConnection, getUserMedia, and DataChannels. All of these have been made available in the web Chrome since version 25 beta.

Chrome 29 app

The complete changelog of the new Chrome 29 for Android:

  • Added support for Web Audio as well as WebRTC.
  • Latest color selector UI for web forms.
  • Upgraded the scrolling receptiveness and visual indication when you reach at the end of a web page.
  • Stability enhancements and startup performance.

Not only the Android version, the company has also unleashed the latest version of Chrome 29 browser for Windows, Linux, Chrome Frame and Mac. With the new browser, users will now encounter new suggestions in the omnibox.

Chrome 29 browser

In addition, especially the Mac version has got the support for desktop notifications, which allows users to view updates from their extensions and apps.

Moreover, the desktop version also features a ‘reset button’ which lets users to start a new version of the same browser. Although you start a new version, all your themes, apps, and bookmarks will remain unchanged, but it will remove all your extensions.

Android users can download the latest version of Google Chrome from Google Play Store. While the web users can download the latest Chrome Web version from here.

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