Instagram Lands On Windows Phone

At last, the world’s renowned Instagram service has been unleashed on Windows Phone platform, the most-anticipated app by Windows Phone users! Currently, the app is in Beta testing phase and works similar to its iOS and Android counterparts, although it doesn’t support video-sharing features yet.


Windows Phone users can now easily capture and share their key moments directly from their device! You can customize your images with beautiful custom-built filter effects and transform them into objets d’art in order to share them with your buddies.

Also, follow your friends’ photos with just a tap! Whenever you open up the app, you will be able to view recent posts from your buddies and other creative people from all over the globe.

Instagram app

Unlike iOS and Android users, Windows Phone users won’t be able to capture and share videos, tag people in their photographs and see the geotaxis of posted photos. Moreover, users will have the ability to upload the pictures they capture with their phone’s camera app but not the images that have captured using Instagram app.

Windows Phone users can download the Instagram app from the following link. The app is available for free and is compatible with only Windows Phone 8 devices.

Instagram download link for Windows Phone (free)

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