LastPass launches a new mobile App for windows 8 phone

 LastPass, a popular password and data management service provider that stores all your login-passwords securely. This password manager App is now available for all top web browsers and windows 8 phones.

The App allows the existing LastPass users to access their important logins and passwords directly from their Windows 8 phone users.

LastPass App

This latest LastPass 2.0.20 App will automatically calculate security score of every user and shows it to the users at Security Challenge link present next to the user’s vault.

The new App has added a feature that allows users to clear all their login details that are filled in automatically once you logout from the LastPass account. With added features, users can now login quickly and password iterations are now enhanced to the limit of 5000 in order to provide high security.

LastPass Windows App

Using the LastPass toolbar, users can access Generate secure password tool to test whether the user names present with in the App have ever been used for browser hacks.

Several Enterprise features are added to the App that includes valid support for SAML,, Zendesk and Sales Force etc. The latest Windows 8 App works similar to the LastPass Browser App designed for iPhone and iPad devices.

Users can access the vault and websites while on the move and they can even copy key passwords on to the clipboard to login manually on other browsers.

Download this free App from Windows App store.

Download windows version:


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