Microsoft Minesweeper Windows 8 Official Game App

Minesweeper is a default game available in every Microsoft Windows OS. I remember trying to play Minesweeper and couldn’t understand it’s complexity until I read this Wikipedia article on Minesweeper. It’s a single player game and you have to be very careful in every step you make.

Now Windows 8 doesn’t have Minesweeper game by default. You just have to go to the Windows Store and install it. And this is an official app by Microsoft with new game features and colorful look. So, now it’s time to unravel those hidden mines on Windows 8 too.

windows 8 minesweeper game

Features of Microsoft Minesweeper App:

In this new Operating System by Microsoft, you can play the old Minesweeper in a new way. The game contains both classic and adventure mode with different themes included. Before it used to be a boring black and white interface but now it has a colorful look. And the app teaches you how to play the game also.

minesweeper classic mode

The general outline of the game is that you have to explore mines and mark them on a rectangular or square land, which contains many square blocks. The first click is random because every square block is closed. Then once some of the blocks reveal, you have to click or mark other blocks according to the numbers marked on them. Just go through the Wikipedia Article link that we have provided in the introduction.

minesweeper windows 8 adventure mode

The game has modes like: easy, medium, and hard. There are also adventure, custom, and challenge modes and you can also play in a garden themed mode or classic mode. You can also view the statistics, leaderboards, and awards section also. Tutorial mode is also available to learn how to play Minesweeper in the app itself.

Use your mouse or the keyboard arrow keys to navigate through mines. Use the right and left clicks or Enter button to mark and open mines; use number 1 to set a flag and CTRL + Spacebar to chord.

Below is a video of Minesweeper demo by Microsoft.

 [youtube width=”500″ height=”300″]QgwmxGZ2GQI[/youtube]

Download minesweeper on Windows 8:

Open this link in your browser and use the open in store option. If you are on your Windows 8 device, then you will be automatically navigated to store app. From there install and play Minesweeper for free.

Enjoy playing Minesweeper on Windows 8!

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