Microsoft Releases Halo:Spartan Assault Game for Windows 8 Users

To cheer the game freaks, Microsoft has just launched a new shooter game named Halo:Spartan Assault for Windows Phone 8 as well as Windows 8 users.

Halo:Spartan Assault

But, the Windows Phone 8 users in the United States can only access the game if they are Verizon wireless subscribers. Those who are not using their device on Verizon will have to wait up till 16th August, 2013.

This game has been created by 343 Industries & Vanguard Games. Actually,  It is the first of the Halo series to be running on a touch device.

Halo:Spartan Assault app

The game is completely packed with 25 exciting levels, where player need to control the protagonist Spartan and Commander Sarah. This game features a robust story line that requires you to battle against the covenant as you explore the origin of Spartan Ops program.

This game is compatible with touch screen devices and non-touch screen devices with keyboard and mouse, but requires a minimum of 1GB RAM to run. While the devices with lower memory can install the revised version which is been specifically tailored for the devices with less powerful hardware in the future, according to the company.

Halo:Spartan Assault game

The game is available at $6.99 for both phone and Windows 8 version users. Grab this wonderful game and enjoy!

Halo:Spartan Assault download link for WP8

Halo:Spartan Assault download link for Windows 8

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