Microsoft Releases Office 365 Admin On Windows Phone

Microsoft has unveiled a new app called Office 365 Admin on Windows Phone platform, and assured to roll out iOS as well as Android versions soon. Now, it’s a breeze for Windows Phone users to analyze the status of their Office 365 services with this app.

Office 365 Admin

The app allows users to connect to their Office 365 status on the go and lets them to check out service health information and maintenance status updates. Moreover, users can also refine the required data through service subscriptions as well as configure app data refresh intervals.

There’s a condition here; users are required to have an active Office 365 subscription and the person logging in to the app should have administrative rights to access this app. Moreover, the app is not compatible with the MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) system security in the Windows Azure AD, this upsets secure login.

Windows Phone 8 users can download this new Office 365 Admin app from the link given below.

Office 365 Admin download link for Windows Phone 8 (free)

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