Microsoft launches Xim Photo sharing app for Ios, Android and Windows Phone


Microsoft has come out with the launch of a new app called Xim. This app is a photo sharing platform which has been introduced on iOS app store, Google Play Store as well as Windows phone app store.  It allows users to share photos with other Xim app users.

Microsoft Xim not only supports photo sharing but also lets users use the Cloud platform for exchanging photos. Some Cloud platforms that it supports are Facebook, Dropbox, OneDrive and Instagram.  Users can create slideshows and share them with multiple friends at once as well.  These friends can be chosen through the contact list, the email list etc.  The user who receives the photos will get a notification as message with a link which shall redirect them to the Web Client in case they don’t have the app installed.

Microsoft Xim also lets end users comment on the photos that have been shared with them.  This can be done during the preview with the group chat feature.  There is no concern as far as the storage is concerned because the ‘Xims’ get expired after a little while.  This also partially alleviates the privacy concerns for the users.

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