Tile Art Will Become One of the Biggest App for Windows Phone Home Screen

Microsoft’s Tile Art App for Windows Phone is one of the most powerful apps recently released by Microsoft App Developers. Created to improve usability and interaction, Windows Mobile users will now be able to tailor their home and lock screens with a parallax effect. Individuals owning Windows Phones can now customize their screens with personal pictures with the Tile App for Windows released just last week.

The Tile Art allows users to upload transparent Portable Network Graphics (PNG) files, pick the uploaded image from the Tile Art’s app gallery and customize their Windows Phone Home Screen. Perhaps the biggest advantage with this app is its ability to allow the users to select multiple backgrounds and foregrounds images. This is best for creating a layered effect. What is even greater about the Tile Art app for Windows Phone is that the start screen created seemingly floats while downloading the parallax theme from the Tile Art gallery.

A good example of use for the app is to use a cut out Portable Network Graphic image yourself. You can lay this image over a pre-existing color scheme to create a more personalized home screen of all time. The Tile Art app is one such great app that brings customization to the mix.

TileArt App Download for WindowsPhone

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