PayPal releases official PayPal Here Local App for Windows Phone

PayPal is a top service that allows people to make online payment and money transfers to other accounts. In the year 2011, the company has decoded to launch physical PayPal store for easy access of the customers. With this idea, the company has now launched an App to manage your account and check all your online transactions.

Paypal Transaction App

The PayPal Windows App interface is quite nice and simple to use. Users are given with an option to login either using a email/password or mobile-number/pin. On providing the correct login details, you are directed to your PayPal account.

At the main interface of the App, users can get their entire transaction history and on clicking each transactions, users are provided with brief information about the transactions such as amount, transaction id and time of transfer.

Official Paypal App

By swiping across the App, users can even request to make payments via PayPal though the official email address or registered contact number. The App is being release officially for windows phone, so users can now pin the App to their start screen for easy access.

Users will receive a live notification when ever amount gets transferred to their account and sadly the App is not supportive to NFC.

The App is available for free download for all the windows phone users at

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