PhotoMath app makes solving math’s equations simpler

MicroBlink has launched a new app in the market and this latest app is called PhotoMath.  The app has been released on iOS app store as well as Windows app store.  What it does is that it makes solving math’s equations and questions easier and less time consuming.


PhotoMath app has the ability to solve questions and equations which the users scan using the phone’s or tablet’s camera. The app then provides the steps to solve the equations.  It recognizes the mathematical expressions and then works out the answers to help the users who are stuck on certain equations or steps.  This app is meant to help school children and is limited to middle school level of Math.  It can solve basic arithmetic’s, decimals, fractions, roots, powers, linear equations and functions like Exp, sin, cos and log.

PhotoMath cannot recognize or identify handwritten text but only printed text.  Also, it is not yet capable of solving word problems, calculus or even geometry.  Android users will have to wait till 2015 to get this app on the app store.  This is a free app to download and has suddenly become very popular in many of the countries.

PhotoMath Download app for iOS

PhotoMath Download app for Windows Phone

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