Secure and Backup your Passwords With Enpass

Remembering passwords is always a hassle when dealing with multiple passwords. Sinew Software Systems has unleashed an app called Enpass on Android and Windows Phone platforms. The app, already available on iOS and Desktop, has been exclusively developed to store and secure your passwords and other significant information.


Enpass is a user-friendly app and it brings 2 main things: firstly, the app is elegant and good on the eye and secondly, it enables for 2 cloud syncing options.

You will also be able to backup and restore your entire data on your computer with Backup and Restore feature over WiFi, and sync your content with Dropbox. Of course, you don’t have to sync, just add your Dropbox account and the app auto-syncs the modified data on other supported devices via your Dropbox account. The data remains private and encrypted even on the Dropbox.

To get started, you will need to set up a password to access the app each time. You can also modify the auto-lock time through the app’s Settings section so that no one can access the app when you leave your phone unattended. To add a new entry, click on the ‘+’ icon, enter the data, select a category and a sub-category and then save it. As simple as pie.

Enpass app

Moreover, the app is a cross-platform service, so you can access your saved passwords across different platforms. There is also a desktop version for Mac and PC, allowing you to access on the big screen.

Data that you often use can be marked and added into a distinct and smoothly manageable favorite list and hence saving your time.

Enpass for Android is downloadable free, but if you want to access full range of features, you can upgrade the app through in-app purchases for $4.99. While there’s no free version for Windows Phone app, you need to pay $4.99 to download the app.

Enpass download link for Android (free)

Enpass download link for Windows Phone ($4.99)

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