Skype Qik video messaging app for iOS, Android and Windows launched

Video messaging is slowly and steadily picking up pace around the world with more number of app manufacturers and big companies launching video messaging centric apps. Skype has come out with the launch of a new app for iOS, Android and Windows operating system and this new app is called Skype Qik Video messaging app.

Skype Qik app

This app will enable users to send short video messages to stay connected with one another between calls. Skype Qik video messaging app allows users to create and send videos of up to 42 seconds to other users.  With this application, the video messages received disappear in 2 weeks’ time period.  Basically, the idea here is to make video conversations a lot more spontaneous and fun so that you don’t have to go through the waiting period till your next call with your friends or relatives.

Skype Qik video messages work only between the apps users. You can choose any contact from your Skype list to send the video message to and you can also send it to multiple users.  It is like texting but only video messages are texted and received back. It is a fun way of communication which is likely to be a hit among users.

Skype Qik Download app for iOS

Skype Qik Download app for Android

Skype Qik Download app for Windows

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