SnagFilms App for Windows 8 users to collect independent movies

SnagFilms App helps the users in making broadest collection of independent movies and view them for free. Users can even share the films with others to encourage, inspire and entertain them.

Before starting to collect the films, its better to sign-up with the App using your Facebook account information. The process of registration is quite simple as you need to just tap on ‘allow’ whenever any dialog box appears. On registering with the App, movies will be automatically published on your Facebook wall.

Snagfilms App

To view the available categories within the App, Users can either scroll right side or click on the zoom-out option to browse and discover more number of films.

While browsing through a catalouge, users can click on any film title present within the App to view its synopsis, cast and crew information, rating, duration of the film and year of release. The App provides you clear information about the film and help you in deciding whether the film can be added to the collection list or not.

Snagfilms windows App

The progressive bar of the App is bit unresponsive and it’s not possible for the user to jump to a specific part of the movie but users can just fast forward or use rewind button to move back and forth for 30 second in the movie.

Windows 8 users can download the App from windows App store.

Visit for free download of the SnagFilms App.

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