Splashtop 2 Launched for Windows Phone 8 Users

Splashtop has been helping their users to access their personal computers from their smartphones. Now, their most recent mobile version has moved to the Windows phone 8 platform. Splashtop 2 is now available for Windows phone 8 users. This app allows the users to access their files and other content that are installed on their PC or Mac directly from their phone.

Before the launch of this app, there were only a few alternatives on the market for WP 8 users. This app’s release once again signifies a slow but steady rise of the apps in the WP marketplace and the continued rise in the OS popularity.


With this amazing app, you can remotely access and edit your files, open your desired applications, play games, play music, watch videos, move the cursor and control several different functions of the OS. This app, unlike the PC remote, automatically adjusts the resolution of WP 8 device to the connected PC screen.

To access this app, you need to install a server application on your PC or Mac and sign in with a Splashtop account on both the devices. You can use the app for free as long as you connect your both the devices to the same WiFi network. But, if you want to control your Mac or computer from your phone with the mobile data, you need to pay a bit.

This app provides a beautiful touch user interface with a pop-up keyboard and a virtual mouse. Windows phone 8 users can grab this app from Windows phone app world. But, this app is only free until August 31st, 2013.

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