Spotify for Windows Phone 8 is Out of Beta, Adding Additional Language Support and Track Scrubbing

The digital music streaming service, Spotify for Windows Phone 8 is no longer in beta! The service has come out of beta with the latest update.


The update not only exits the app from its beta format, but also brings track scrubbing, support for better offline playlist and additionals language support. This great update was first released by the Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore.

The most noticeable change in the latest version is track scrubbing that allows you to fast-forward or scrub through a track and new languages support; currently the app supports 19 different languages.

Spotify app

You will still have the ability to create offline playlist and this feature has been improved for better performance. The app is free to download but premium membership, which lets playlists and tracks to be played even when your device is offline, it costs $9.99/month. While new users can have the app benefits with a 48-hour trial for absolutely free.

The new version of Spotify is downloadable via Windows Store. This app only works with Windows Phone 8 devices.

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