Task manager professional – a project management App for windows 8 device users

Task manager professional will let you create a workspace that can hold one or more projects and in each case projects can be either entities or tasks.

In general, project management App can comprise numerous sub-tasks that makes navigation bit difficult. Its not that easy to jump to certain level as you need to track back the entire navigation history in order to reach the required task.

task manager professional App

By using the task manager professional App, you can overcome the above mentioned problem as your can create items at any level and specify the item that should act as parent.

task manager professional iOS App


  • App provides workspaces to manage your projects by adding tasks and sub-tasks that suits your needs
  • Supports task tagging for categorizing the tasks that are to be performed
  • Supports alerts scheduling and provides notifications for the user
  • provides full support to share and search feature
  • Users can pin desired items to the startup page of windows 8 and view live tile updates
  • Quick user interface that makes navigation bit easy
  • Top-notch sorting and filtering options are available for users

If you are looking for a simple to-do list or a professional management App, Task manger professional is the only reliable App with advanced features that helps you out in managing all your tasks effectively.

Download this amazing App from windows app store for free.

Download link:http://apps.microsoft.com/windows/en-US/app/task-manager-professional/ebf9cc43-f8a7-4987-9b42-b70a53b81ab5.

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