Top 10 Nutrition Apps for Windows

Nutrition apps for Windows help you stay fit and choose the right diet to lose weight. There are many nutrition apps that work with Windows. The top 10 nutrition apps for windows are listed below.



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This app is one of the best calorie counters for Windows phones. You can set your daily calorie goal, stay on track by recording your daily food intake and exercise.

Calorie Counter by FatSecret:

Calorie Counter by FatSecret

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This top nutrition app for Windows allows you to know all the nutrition and calorie facts about the food you eat. You can keep track of your weight, exercise and meals, by forming a daily food plan. You also have an activity diary, where you can record the number of calories burnt.

PointsPlus Calculator:

PointsPlus Calculator

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You can calculate the number of calories you gain when you are eating out. It is a great app for weight watchers on the go. You can keep a tab on the food you eat and the amount of activity you do. You can calculate PointsPlus values by entering the nutritional information from the packaging along with the intensity and time of the activity.

My Perfect Weight FREE:

My Perfect Weight FREE

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Enter your weight and find out your perfect weight for free. You can calculate your perfect weight through this app and set the right diet goal for yourself. You can also track the changes in your weight over time. You can calculate the Body Mass Index and follow your diet plan.

Quick+ Points:

Quick+ Points

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A quick food calculator, based on the most popular and newest weight watching points plus system, this app is very chic and modern. This is full of features and helps you maintain your diet depending on how much weight you want to lose.

Chipotle Facts:

Chipotle Facts

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If Mexican Chipotle grill meals are your favorite, then this app for windows helps you calculate the nutritional facts easily. You can choose your menu and calculate the total calories of your chipotle meals.



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Using this app, you can calculate the nutritional content, track your weekly, and daily points’ usage, etc. If you don’t know your allotted points, PlusPoints can calculate them for you.

Diet Tracker Food Scanner:

Diet Tracker Food Scanner

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When you have this nutrition app on your windows phone, you can scan the barcode of foods, and read the related nutrition facts. This way, you can keep track of what you eat, and also calculate points based on the content.

Calorie Meter:

Calorie Meter

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Based on your calorie requirements, you can set your target calories. After your food intake, you can also view the remaining calories for the day from this app.

Fast Food Calories:

Fast Food Calories

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When you visit your favorite local fast food joints like McDonalds, KFC, subway, Wendy’s etc, you can find out the nutritional facts of each meal through this top nutrition app for Windows. This information is taken from the official websites of the particular joint.

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